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For many people they spend MOST of their waking life “working hard for a living”… It’s like they live-to-work… Seems they are just like “batteries in a business”.  History reveals a sad truth…MOST people die paupers. They have spent their life – HAVING to work! And then they have very little to show for it…  

need wealth coaching  

Slaves to the business system…WHY… BECAUSE they have very little education and understanding regarding… finances, financial management, starting a business, money, entrepreneurism, decising making, sales and other basic street savy business and money smarts.  

It’s like lambs going to the slaughter…No skills, limited and limiting beliefs, unclear values, bad attitudes, low energy and no ability to transform their sad destiny.  

From my extensive research with thousands of people, I have distilled all of our research, feedback and findings down to a core set of reasons why people are unable to build and maintain wealth. I share this life changing information with you today…  as part of our wealth coaching

Wealth Coaching Insights…I Know WHY You Are Not Wealthy…
and I know exactly what you need to do to shift it!

This is my brief list of why many people are not wealthy based upon our extensive wealth coaching interactions….this is often what’s holding you back. The reality is that without Wealth Coaching, your destiny might not be so bright.  


Wealth Coaching Research Insights that impact you! 

1. Belief…

So many people just don’t have supportive beliefs to enable them to take the initial action steps towards building wealth, happiness and prosperity. Their family history, upbringing, mental programming and cultural energy doesn’t support a new more effective behavior. They unconsciously don’t belive it’s truely possible for them. They often feel that they are not worthy.

2. Decisions

… Wealthy people make decisions rapidly, and change them slowly… poor people make decisions slowly or by default and change them quickly. Wealthy people have a good decision making strategy. Poor people often avoid decisions out of fear, and so they unconsciously do make a decision to… not-make-a-decision.  

3. Knowledge

…Wealthy people develop their skills, knowledge, beliefs… poor people spend most of their time passively watching life and TV… They are “poor” inside! Poor people know lots about what’s going on… on TV.  Wealthy people know lots about what happening financially that’s relevent to their life.  

4. Clarity

…Wealthy people are clear on their WHY, and their WHAT. Their values, decisions, goals and action steps. They have DECIDED what direction they are steering their life in…No one else is “driving their bus”. Poor people don’t take the time to design their lives… They just HOPE it will all be OK… 95% of the time is IS NOT OK!.  

5. Plan

…Wealthy people have a plan… detailed, written, specific, mapped out like a blue print on HOW they will move in the direction of building wealth. They look for ways to add value and make a profit.  

6. Energy

…Wealthy people have energy, personal power and resilience that keeps them going against all odds. Poor people give up at the slightest hint of a problem or challenge.  

7. Relationships

…Wealthy people have extensive networks of “valuable” contacts that they can tap into for a wide range of support, assistance & guidance. Wealthy people make contacts, frow their personal networks with people on higher “levels”.

Poor people stick to making friends with other poor people. Take a look at your 5 closest friends – they will often reflect your level, believes, values and results…  

8. Courage

…Wealthy people have confidence, and rejection tollerence…they take smartly calculated “Risks”… Wealthy people do what poor people are t0o lazy or too fearfull to do… Wealthy people fail-forward-faster, because they reframe “failure” into valuable learning, feedback and positive guidance. Honest constructive feedback is the food of champions. Poor people have lower self esteem and fear direct honest behavioral feedback .  

9. Awareness/ Focus

…Most poor people are unaware…unconscious…. “asleep”. They are unconsciously incompetent. They don’t know that they don’t know!… They are driven by habits rather than intelligent, conscious, strategic, choices.  

Wealthy people focus their energy DIRECTLY on achieving their goals whilst poor people focus on anything that grabs their attention.  

10. Self Mastery

…Wealthy people are SMART… They are open to possibility. They know that their thoughts, affect their feelings, and their feelings impact their moods, and their moods predispose them to taking smart actions…  


More Wealth Coacing Wisdom…There is GOOD news and BAD news…


From my wealth coaching research, even knowing these issues is NOT ENOUGH. Most people are just not strong enough on their own to transform their old habits… that keep them poor… into new behaviors. From our wealth coaching research… Less than 10% of people who try to break old habits on their own… seem to not make it… Research and experience reveals that almost 80% of people who particiapte in a structured coaching process with a group and or a coach/mentor will make the shifts required to trandform their lives… forever.  

If you are serious about shifting your destiny… about truely transforming yourself from the inside out… for a better, happier, healthier, more prosperous future… Then we can be of real value to you with our WealthShift Wealth Coaching and mentoring project. Take the smart strategic decision to rely on more than “luck” for your future. Choose our Wealth Coaching  

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