Dear Tony, I would just like to say that I have just finished Session #11 of this great coaching program and I am a totally new person, mind set of thinking things will be better one day on their own, and blaming someone else for my failures, are all gone out the window.

I can not wait to see the fruits of this absolute mind blowing wealth coaching experience.

I have heard of coaching… and this is way beyond my expectations and to think that this is free of charge, I HAVE to make it work.

Thank-you for sharing this free coaching with us, I am grateful that I come across this material, I truly am a new Sarah with ambition.

“I discovered this guy gives free life coaching on self discovery how to reach your potential – think & act and become wealthy, healthy & happy”

“I think this is BIG. I like the fact that it opens your mind & gets you out of your comfort zone, and actually lets you do some soul searching.”

“I am on #5, and guess what? I already took action on my future”

“But!!! Something amazing about this coaching, once you start the whole mind and body gets glued and I feel like am in a classroom situation paying 100% attention. I love it.”


Aren’t you tired of spending all your available time in a J.O.B. working for a “Boss” in order to assist him/her to achieve their financial objectives at your expense?

Consider Robert Kiyosaki’s wisdom, when he talks about, MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS 


 Here’s my shocking prediction for you… A year from now, you’ll still be in the same position you are now.
You’ll have the same or a similar job. You’ll have the similar level of income. You’ll have all the same friends. Probably… NOTHING will have changed for you. Assuming you really intend things to change… to improve for you…that will really be a big shame.

So, how can I make these shocking predictions?  Simply…My experience with many students has revealed this simple truth: People get stuck in a rut and seldom take the time and effort to get out until it’s TOOOO late!

It’s a challenge to make any meaningful change in our lives. That Rut is sometimes like a ‘coffin with the ends cut out!’


In order to really change, you have to overcome your inertia of your current situation. You also have to face the challenge of “well meaning family and friends that often stand in your way.

You know when they spend a lot of time telling us that we’re crazy for following our dreams. PLEASE don’t let them steal your dreams!

You can begin to SHIFT all of this… It’s time to focus on building your wealth too!

Remember…anything is possible… if you trust yourself and you apply the secret behind the secret!

See what a student discovered just in session #2 already.

“The exercises regarding expenses: What a wake up call for me! I’ve realised that my husband and I are under budgeting every month & actually have no idea what the cost of living actually is.
What we thought were investments, turned out not to be.

Our so called investments are still expenses.  The majority of our expenses are EI and EN, with the odd EF. What is worrying is that we have no room to manoeuver financially”

“The #6 Answer “ if we continue with our current strategy?

We’ll be bankrupt by next year, never mind in 10 years time. And I am truly terrified & shocked that 2 educated people like us could not employ enough common sense to see this coming!”

From a financial point of view I’m still operating out of a paycheck to paycheck  mentality.

What a Wake up …a Call of NOTE! – At least now
they can do something different.

I’m genuinely offering you the opportunity of a FREE Wealth Coaching programme (Globally) via email… Register Here. Please include the full name and email address of the person who shared this with you.

The Secret Behind The Secret Wealth Coaching project 101 consists of 12 sessions covering the foundation of personal awareness building with, finance management and wealth-building as the focus.

You will discover some of the issues that are affecting your ability to begin building and maintaining wealth, as well as limiting beliefs holding you back and ways of applying The Secret PROACTIVELY and POSITIVELY to your life.

Learn how you can begin to to apply the Secret Behind The Secret to your life.

Testimonial – Tony I really want to thank you for putting me in touch with this information, it has really transformed my life. You have no idea what inspiring me to look at things from a completely different angle has done in my work and family life.
Thank you so much. – Clyde

What We’ll Be Covering – I will be including information from all of my research in the last 22 years, plus the newest research about the latest millionaires in the world. Plus the Secret Behind The Secret, plus we will also cover areas of:

  • Personal Beliefs to support wealth building
  • Wealth Wounds or Wealth Leaks
  • Creating the “WHY” to get the “HOW”
  • PPP – Parental Programming Problems
  • Your Values Hierarchy
  • Old Perspectives that hold you back
  • Wealth “Static” – Fears, leaks, Success, Loss etc…
  • Research on Personal Consciousness levels
  • Building Wealth Creation Habits
  • Your success Inspiration foundations
  • Strategies to move forward and Pay it forward
  • Energetic and Vibrational considerations – The Secret

Tony, you certainly gave me food for thought and new ideas and ways of doing things. You also showed me how in the box I was and that I had just created a job for myself instead of a true business. I find you so dynamic and an honor to be in your company (hopefully this will rub off on me!!) -Chrissie

Thank you again for last Saturday’s session. The greatest impact was the manifestation of your abundance thinking. Thank you for sharing both tools and yourself. My BFO was that I need to look at the business model as a way of sharing what I have learned with more people than I can reach by just focusing one-on-one relationships alone.

I need to access my warrior/queen/magician/lover to do this work!! I have given your card to my husband Max with the suggestion that he contact you for personal coaching – Marisa Wijtenburg

I enjoyed your abundance attitude in allowing for networking between people.  The Coaching world needs more people like yourself.
– Jenny

Thank you so  much Tony for the Saturday Workshop. I have truly experienced transformation.  My way of thinking and outlook on my business, my job and my family has completely changed.  What was there all the time has now surfaced and is increasing moment by moment. – Sue

Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for how your workshop has changed my life. The future I have always wanted has become crystal clear. I look forward to many more life-changing encounters. Thank you so much Tony Dovale – Clyde Atkinson

Self-made Millionaires and usually Happy and Healthy People are NOT smarter, better or luckier than you.

They have just discovered certain secrets, perspectives and habits and used them to become Happy, Healthy & Wealthy.

My Goal is to offer a valuable email based service that addresses the inner and the outer issues of your Personal Wealth Creation:

To provide you with actionable leading edge strategies that you can use to grow your business and your life beyond anything you ever expected or even hoped.

Are you ready to learn about REAL Success, Wealth, Health and Achievement?

We will COACH and SUPPORT you…towards achieving your Dream Lifestyle

And the opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE along the way.

Sections within each session include…

  • - Coaches Comment Weekly session focus
  • – Planning 4 Success – Personal aspect to review, improver, address, etc
  • – Feedback Questions & feedback
  • - Now What? – Next Steps
  • - Exercises - Like your Values Hierarchy
  • – Millionaire Moment – Mind Expanding / The Secret’s Secret
  • – Money Moment – Financial Exercises/Energetic enhancement
  • –  Stuff 2 think About – Thoughts, insights, possibilities
  • – The Beggar Story – Metaphorical story for your engagement

All in all, this covers 12 weeks of personal finance awareness building, self development, action learning and possibility building for your best future.

More Testimonials from our Workshops…

Awesome!! improved my self-confidence and my commitment to clear goals – Helen

It was life changing. This really was mind and life changing- Bosman

The presentation was a complete surprise form me and mind blowing. -Jacques

My expectations were totally surpassed Jenny

Blown away! Could not improve…Thank you! Carol

The last day of my Phoenix Adventure rates as one of the 10 most amazing things I have ever done – Patrick

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME are the only 2 words I can use to describe  the feelings, thoughts and energy experiences that I experienced todayDarryl

WOW!! That was undoubtedly the most powerful thing for me.Renate

Helped me focus on today, not tomorrow, and Trust myself. Rene

In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10.  Workshop leader was awesome. Zelda H.

The workshop helped me to find myself and to love myself. I know I can go higher.  Rita

I never expected to get out what I did. EVERYBODY in business should do this course. I call it Lifeline!!! Tony is amazing. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for what he taught me – Thuli

Helped me get rid of my boundaries. Ten out of ten!  Naseem

Thank you for everything you taught me about myself on the Phoenix Adventure. It was already there, but now thanks to your guidance, I was able to find myself again. This course could have been two Million Rands but it was worth every penny. Thanks so much! – Jenny

 I walked out a completely changed person… I’m now happy Confident, and I’ve let go of all of my anger. I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!. For the first time in ages.  Christine

One of the best Courses I have ever attended. I am glad to have attended and recommend it to all. Ingrid

After the Phoenix experience, I felt refreshed and overwhelmed with Happiness. I was free a last and I felt GREAT…I can’t believe that one week-end changed my life in such a big way and I’m really thankful for it. Lionli

 Believe in the strength that is within each of us”  – the strength to choose to become victors. I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you, on behalf  of the team, for an excellent motivational presentation. You truly touched our lives and changed it forever! On a personal note I would like to thank you for accomplishing what 7 years of psychological  therapy could not do. huge Thank you! – Z

I look forward to being your Coach and Alchemist along the way.


Tony Dovale
SA’s #1 Energy Coach and Alchemist