Transform Your Wealth Limiting Belief System


Here’s a simple methodical way you can use to write great salesletters, even if you are not an award-winning copywriter.

The 12 steps in a nutshell:

1. Get Attention (headline + opening)
2. Identify their problem – agitate
3. Provide the solution
4. Why you’re qualified
5. Present the Benefits
6. Give Social Proof
7. Make an Irresistible Offer
8. Strong Guarantee
9. Add Scarcity
10. Call to Action
11. Warn about consequences of not acting NOW
12. Remind of Irresistible Offer


You will never get wealthy with your old limiting mindset.
We can change that with “Success Ensurance”.

Transform your Financial Future In 12 simple steps…without studying for ever, without fear, or risk… ENSURANCE Guaranteed!

If You Can [read and follow simple steps, Then You Can transform and ENSURE your financial future

The only thing blocking your wealth is you!..your invisible beliefs

“…That’s exactly how I feel!”

What would your “ideal” life look like. Are yo living it yet?…? Why Not? Aren’t you tired of struggling financially?

“Oh, I know that feeling exactly… that’s me…”

Solution = Success Ensurance

We have a 12 step process. Simple steps with powerful processes built into the experience that will transform your potential, mindset and actions. There’s no more need to struggle, because our ENSURANCE process will solve your problem.

Why You’re Qualified

I have invested my entire life in the study of Beliefs, Values, Behaviours, Mindsets, Attitudes and Actions. Like my parents, I also struggled to build any kind of wealth and safety into my financial future until I discovered my limiting belief.  We seem to be doomed to follow in our parents footsteps… unless you release and remove your “limiting Handbrake”

You spend money each month on INSURANCE – just in case something happens… How much are you investing to ENSURE your future? I discovered and released my limiting programme and so now I’m ready to help you achieve the same freedom and success.

Today, we live in a fully paid R3,000,000 home, drive nice cars, have hoidays whenever we choose – we have more time and money freedom than 90% of the planet. You can too.

I have spent most of my life studying the secrets of success and now for the first time…I’m ready to share my ENSURANCE system with you.

– Successful case studies
– Testimonials
– Video showing your product in action (if applicable)
– Length of time you’ve been working in your field


So What have you got to gain? EVERYTHING!

… in every important aspect of your life. My WealthShift Success Ensurance system is designed to create a powerful and vital shift in perception, thinking style, focus and feelings.  If you follow the simple 12 step action learning process you will be able to push through your limiting programs and belief systems.

Feature: Email based coaching –> Benefit: You can do this from anywhere at any time.

Feature: simple steps guide you –> Benefit: Anybody who can read can take action

Feature: Nibble Knowledge Design –> Benefit; Your mind remembers and incporates the simple MindShifting activities easily

Feature: Incoporates NLP  tools __> Benefit: works on multipl levels of your thinking, feeling and action.



Give Social Proof



The promised benefits made them desire your magic solution… only now… that little inner Skeptic sneaks in again…

Make an Irresistible Offer

Your offer is the most important part of your salesletter. If you come in front of a starving crowd and give them hot dogs, you’ll not really a lot of persuasion power… On the other hand, if you try to sell ice to the Eskimos… you might be the greatest salesperson on the planet and you’ll still find it challenging to convince them. You want to present your offer in such way that your prospect says to themselves

“I’d be stupid not to take advantage of this deal.”

Hint: when you develop your offer you should always try to raise the overall value by adding products or services and not lowering your price. Give vivid explanations of the extra benefits your prospects will get from the added services or free bonuses.

Great offers are an attractive combination of price, terms and free gifts.

(Step #8)

8. Strong Guarantee

Do everything you can to take all the risk away from your prospects. People have a natural fear they are going to get ripped off or be taken advantage of. And if you really stand behind your product, there should be no problem with offering a 100% risk-free guarantee anyway.

See what kind of guarantees your competitors use and try to give even more or present it in a different angle. A strong guarantee given with confidence can go a long way to make you more sales.

(Step #9)

Add Scarcity

People usually don’t like to go out of their comfort zone. If they can postpone something, they will. Find a legitimate and believable way to inject scarcity into your offer, so your prospects take action NOW. For digital products, it’s not believable to say you have “limited copies”, because everyone knows you don’t…

Try to give them a special incentive for acting NOW… You could offer special bonuses only until certain date… or maybe a personal e-mail consultation… and since you are just one person, you can only help so many people at once…

Be believable, or this could backfire.

(Step #10)

Call to Action

Don’t assume your reader knows what to do next automatically. You must spell out exactly what you want them to do next and be confident with it. And…

Make it very OBVIOUS exactly where your order button is and what they need to do “Click Here”… “Add to Cart…”… “Fill In Your Name and Email Address”! You spent all that effort presenting the great benefits of owning your product, so make it crystal clear exactly what they need to do next to purchase.

(Step #11)

If you don’t take action today… When will you? Take action Right now to transform your future forever!

Successful people make decisions fast and change them slowly,,, poor people make decisions slowly and change them fast!

If you are not wealthy yet…  It’s unlikely you will achive any real level of wealth with your present set of money beliefs, mindsets, attitudes and actions.. SO if yo upass this up -you may never break the cycle of “financial struggle”.

Invest in your future with Success Ensurance.  You are worth it?

–  Struggle every day to just make ends meet
– Lose out on the opportunity to get your helpful limited bonuses
– Keep spinning their wheels and not getting where they want to go

(Step #12)

Remind of Irresistible Offer

This is the P.S. section. Advanced copywriters know that the P.S. is one of the most read sections of your entire letter and you should try pull your biggest guns here once again and present the benefits of your products and how it solves the prospect’s problem.

Remind them of your irresistible offer and the scarcity, plus include a strong call to action again.

To Your Success!

—– Side Note ——————————————

Overcoming Buyer-Resistance

Be aware that naturally every person has some sort of “buying resistance”.

The objective of your salesletter is to overcome your reader’s buying resistance and persuade them to say yes to your offer now.

Here’s a list of some common objections people have. For best results… take each objection and write down why it actually does not apply to your product or service. This will help you greatly later with writing your copy.

“You don’t understand my problem”
“How do I know you’re qualified”
“I don’t believe you”
“I don’t need it right now”
“It won’t work for me”
“What happens if I don’t like it”
“I can’t afford it”

A Foolproof Salesletter Template

Fact: this is not my personal copywriting formula or “secret”! It’s much more a classic salesletter layout that’s been taught and used by many copywriting pros… The idea is to give you something you can start using immediately, that would give you decent results nearly every time.

Here’s a methodical way to overcome your prospect’s objections and lead them in your sales funnel. While this is not the only “right” formula to write salesletters, it’s a pretty safe way to craft salesletters that actually convert.

1. Get Attention (headline + opening)
2. Identify their problem – agitate
3. Provide the solution
4. Why you’re qualified
5. Present the Benefits
6. Give Social Proof
7. Make an Irresistible Offer
8. Strong Guarantee
9. Add Scarcity
10. Call to Action
11. Warn about consequences of not acting NOW
12. Remind of Irresistible Offer

—– End Side Note ——————————————