Millionaires Apprentice Project

The Millionaires’ Apprentice
Full-time Mentoring Project (12 Lucky People -only)

South African Millionaire-Maker – Mentorship, Guide & Coaching

How much would you invest in yourself to discover how to become a millionaire?

What would it be worth to you to get step by step coaching, mentoring and guidance?

Fact: In South Africa today, too many people pay tens of thousands of rands to get a modern day “theoretical” education and, when qualifying, cannot get a JOB, or even begin to start their own small business.

Fact: Less than 10% of school leavers are able to find a job nowadays. They all require some kind of “Experience” to be able to begin to qualify, and then BEE may bee your challenge.

Fact: 90% of most jobs available are BEE or Affirmative antion candidates ONLY…No matter how well educated you are!

Fact: SA has approximately a 50% + unemployment rate

Fact: If you live in SA, looking for a JOB is a recipe for poverty.

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Fact: Any theoretical / Academic studies you’ve done gaurantee… NOTHING.

Fact: SA BEEE policies ensure Affirmative Action rewards political alignment and not skills or competencies.

We’re about to change all of that in Johannesburg Gauteng!

We’re only have space for 10-12 people to become modern-day Millionaire-Makers’ Apprentices.

Note: This is a full-time Coaching Project 9am to 5pm weekdays*

Apprentice Millionaire Teams

Each team/Biz of 3-4 people will comprise of…

  • 1 admin/Finance/webmaster / PR/ support person
  • 1 marketing/sales/ production/service person
  • 1 or 2 Sales / production / service delivery people

* Some weekend work will be required & some evening work will be required.

Apprentice Millionaire Teams

Each team will start, build, and run a designated business over a 4-6 month period, in the field of…

  • Personal Development
  • Business Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Professional Motivational Speaking
  • SEO & Websites / Hosting
  • Workshops & Training
  • Internet Marketing /SEO
  • Membership Websites
  • Publishing Books & Digital Products
  • Or another specifically selected business

Mentorship FEES:The Millionaire-Maker Apprentice fees will be discussed at the free half day qualifying validation session.

Monthly Mentorship fees per month per person will be payable monthly in advance. There are 2 versions of the Face to face Coaching process fees.

Option 1 – Reg fee R8,000 plus R6000 per month x 6 months for full time coaching – you qualify for a profit share after month 4, plus partnership opportunity.

Option 2 – Reg fee R8,000 plus R5000 per month x 6 months for full time coaching – you qualify for a profit share after month 5, plus partnership opportunity.

Cheap to learn how to become a millionaire – step by step.

Profit Share: 10%-40% profit-share for the Apprentice teams**.

The Apprentice Millionaire Coaching covers..

  • Training and Coaching will take place mostly in the mornings with the afternoons dedicated to experiential activities, action-learning, research and delivery.
  • At the end of the period, the teams will have the opportunity to continue by taking ownership of profit-share, (No more coaching fees) providing that the business is profitable, or disband and do their own thing.
  • Subjects covered in the hands-on experiential educational & coaching process will cover ALL areas of starting, building and running a small business.
  • This will include…

  • Registering a company
  • Business plans
  • Finances and Book Keeping
  • Technology
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Designing logos’ & Identities etc…
  • Legalities of your business
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Admin Systems
  • Negotiation
  • Internet
  • Websites & Search Engine Marketing
  • Risk evaluation and Management
  • Research
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Self Management
  • Resilience
  • Staying focussed and positive
  • Stress Management
  • Managing relationships
  • Networking
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Publishing
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership & Management
  • Team building
  • and MORE confidential “Millionaire Secrets” stuff
  • …and other areas of importance in the day to day management yourself and of growing a SME business.

Note : ** Profit share starts after initial 12-16 weeks coaching.

To see if you qualify to become an Millionaire Makers’ Apprentice, email a 1 Page motivation why we should include you in the lucky 12.

You will complete the following forms & profiles…

  • 1. Emotional Intelligence
  • 2. Entrpreneurial Skills assessment
  • 3. AQ/Adversity Intelligence
  • 4. Entrepreneurial Attitudes
  • 5. Job Burnout
  • 6. Leadership
  • 7. Personal Competencies & skills

Plus you will have a group interview where you will have the opportunity to meet other applicants and ask further questions, and see if you qualify.

Click the GO button below and provide your details in the email…along with a 1 page motivaton why we should consider you for this project.

We reserve the right to keep our selection reasons confidential.

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