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Hi Dave – thanks for your “honesty” …  🙂

Sounds like you have a fair handle on your usual behavioural style./ no follow through… 

One thing you can do to discover more about what you real rewal really want to BE, DO or have… is to sit with your wife… close your own eyes and let her keep asking you…

“So what do you want?” and you can respond from your gut… let her make some basic note as you’ll possible not remember all of the things you said.

Keep this up for as long as you feel there is another level to move through…

After a while your MIND will get tired of the game and almost “step back” so that a deeper aspect of your consciousness can talk…and shere more from your heart than your head.

You both may hear profound stuff. 

As  with all results  it requires a a vision, goals, a plan, simple action steps and DISCPLINE to follow through and MONITORING to see how you can move closer to your goal / vision faster.

Remember to ENJOY THE RIDE as well..

Maybe get your wife or a close friend to become your results coach…

 That fact that you have taken action is the first step towards results. Now take the next most logical and results delivering steps.

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