Ways For You To Be A Millionaire


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Want to be financially Free?

In our present uncertain economic times it would be comforting to know that whatever happens, boom or bust. upturns or downturns, your standard of living would be protected.

 Many people dream of starting a business and earning extra income from homr even, and wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire.

Are you one of them? You dream of success,  prosperity, fame, freedom and wealth…

There are at least five ways to get wealthy fast.

Ways to instant wealth are… 

  • winning the lottery,
  • winning a game show
  • marry a rich spouse
  • Hope to be lucky enough for it to be left to by some long lost aunt or uncle
  • Steal it!

 Everyone  wants a shortcut to wealth and the message that you can get rich quicklyeasily is propagated across the globe.

Many people have got rich by fuelling the dream and the quest for easy, instant money.

 Just do a trawl through the Internet with various search terms commented with money or millionaire and you will see how true this is

Many web pages offer the secrets to making easy money. They will take your “easy money” and make themselves Millionaires from home!

Financial success to a lot of people is more a matter of luck than hard work. And these are the ways to ride your luck and become a millionaire in double quick time.

1. What is meant by repositioning your base… is to just think differently…it isn’t down to luck but you will be able to “honestly” call yourself a millionaire even though you might be broke!

If you lived in the British Isles you would need to have a million British pounds to say you were a millionaire.
However, if you had a million dollars that would only need around £670,000 and if you were to use Indian rupees you could be a millionaire for the princely sun of £15,000.

With a bit of repositioning you could become a millionaire overnight. Live in Africa  in place like zimbabwe and you can be a BILLIONAIRE… 🙂

Without doubt all of the above would make you a millionaire quickly.

 If the first three worked out and you got lucky, you would be one of the very few to succeed. Millions of course would be unlucky. If you had an accident what kind of price would you have to have had paid for a big pay off. Not really worth it. If you repositioned your thinking you could quite rightly say you were a millionaire but you would be no better off.

The real pursuit in becoming a millionaire should be being able to do it without relying on luck or injury and being better off in all areas.

 There are countless ways to achieve this milestone, which you will find if you read the life stories of millionaires. As you read you will find that by and large it takes work and determination not some quick fix.

It is true that some people have made their wealth very quickly but this is the exception and not the norm.

Building Wealth the only way…

Boiled down the process of building wealth is fairly simple.

 1. Make money.
2. Don’t spend it all.
3. Save some and invest it.

The investing part can be in the stock market, property or some business opportunity enterprise. And it needs to be done smartly and wisely. After all if your goal is to be a wealthy millionaire it doesn’t matter if it’s slow or quick or somewhere in between.

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